Open and shut case: replacement doors


Weather. Wear. Changing styles. There’s any number of good reasons to get a replacement door. There are three things to remember in choosing a replacement door. Watch as Ron, a HomeShow Radio listener, has his exterior door replaced with the help of the Door Clearance Center.

Consider the options in replacement doors

Instead of just trying a replacement door slab, Ron replaced the whole door frame. But, instead of putting another metal door where the last one rusted out, he chose to go with a fiberglass replacement door. It’s just a little bit more money but it’s a door that will last for a very long time.

Installing replacement doors

A skill saw cuts the existing door frame in half. Interior trim and the old frame are pulled out and the opening is cleaned out well. Caulk is applied under the threshold. Then, the new replacement door is slid into place from the inside. It’s shimmed it and leveled to open and close smoothly before getting nailed it into place. Screwing the door frame on either side into the stud gives the replacement door added stability.

Considering a door of your own? Tom recommends Door Clearance Center.

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