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Travis Eppolito:

It’s going to have that magnetic snap close, but also too, it’s going to have a little bit of air gap in between. Door Clearance Center here. Today we’re going to talk about pet doors. We’re going to talk about an old style, more traditional found in the box doors and a little bit new style maybe you’re not familiar with. So let’s take a look at our old style here. This is on our six panel doors. Notice the raised paneling here. So the cutout for the dog door is going to be a little bit bigger over both panels. So what’s nice about these is you can get them in two different heights and we feature here two different flaps that magnetically snap on the bottom so that you’re not really going to have an issue with keeping that climate control on the inside and outside. Notice how it snaps in there.

Also notice the height differences here. We’re going to have about eight inches off the ground, maybe you got a little bit smaller animal and we can raise it all the way to about 10, 10 and a half inches off the ground. So a little bit bigger dog. And it can go in and out with these. But also we have a nice coverlet over the top of the back so that if you want to have a storm blowing in, you want to keep the weather outside, you just close that flap. Now the other style of pet door is this flush panel. Notice this cutout is a lot smaller. This particular pet door has the same features. It’s going to have that magnetic snap close, but also too, it’s going to have a little bit of air gap in between.

Again, that’s going to help the climate control keep that AC cool on the inside and the hot air outside. And again, let’s show you a close up of the back panel, the coverlet here. You can take this off completely, or if you’re done for the day and you don’t want any wild critters to come in, it’s going to come down and snap. So those are the two options of pet door to choose from. But don’t forget, you have to use the door too. So again, whether you’re going to go for that more traditional style with the six panels here and the larger cutout, or that more contemporary style with the smaller cutout here. You have the options of choosing mini blinds, a nine light version or maybe you even go for a double door configuration where you and your pet can enjoy the great outdoors.

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