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Travis Eppolito:

The hinges don’t sit on the edge of the door like most doors do. Instead, it has two pivot points at the top…

Door Clearance Center here. Today we’re going to learn about the different hinge types that you can choose for the different doors that go on your home. Now, first off, we’re going to talk about our exterior door hinges versus our interior door hinges. Notice the interior have about three screws. They don’t need to hold a lot of weight. The exterior, a little more beefy of a hinge. They have extra screws.

Now, since most doors swing into your home, the hinge is going to sit inside of your home. Now, why could that be an issue? Well, if you choose an out swing door, you don’t want that hinge to sit outside your home because a would-be criminal could pop out this pin with a nail set and a hammer, remove the door slab and come on into your home. But not to worry. These sit inside of your home.

Another option you could choose is an out swing door unit. This is a nice example of that. The door sits on the outside of your home, whereas the threshold sits on the inside of your home. Notice this bumper threshold specifically is for an out swing door unit. The door comes to a close and sits on that threshold, so any wind-driven rain doesn’t come into your house.
Now the hinges are a little bit different than a regular in-swing door. On an out swing door unit, which is what we see here, these are security pin hinges. You can’t knock out the pin with a nail set and a hammer like you could on a hinge that sits inside of your home.

Another option you could choose is a folding door system. This folding door system comes with a little bit different style hinges. This hinge sits in a track with wheels. The majority of the weight is suspended by this one hinge. That way on these other hinges, they’re just kind of grabbing a hold to each door, providing a little rigidness.

Now, what’s neat about this door is when you disengage the top and bottom flush bolts, and I just push this out, door two and door three-fold. This entire folding door system comes and you have what here is about an eight-foot opening. You can enjoy the great outdoors. Your pets can come on out. No need for a doggy door in this case. Now that hinge was pretty strong and durable. I can just roll it on that hinge. The entire door system folds, and I can just use door number one at any time.

Now, another option we have here is a new. Modern pivot door system. Now this pivot door is a little bit different. The hinges don’t sit on the edge of the door like most doors do. Instead, it has two pivot points at the top and the bottom, creating kind of a long access for this door to pivot. Now, when you close the door, it’s going to close like a normal door, but on both sides, it has to have this kind of weather strip to seal off the air gap. Now when this door is locked, you don’t have to worry about the climate control on the inside and outside. But what’s unique about this is the pivot door part of it. About 10 inches or so off the long edge, it pivots.

So those are the different options we have here at the Door Clearance Center. We’ve gone from your traditional hinges that sit on the edge of your door. We’ve looked at out swing, security pin hinges. We’ve looked at the folding fiberglass door with its durable hinge that sits on the top in a track. Lastly, this modern option. What else will they come up with next?

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