Life Safety Devices

Will burns: The electrical system will work for a long time, in a bad and unsafe state.
(Open stinger)

Tom: If your home is older than twenty years old, your electrical system may no longer be safe.
Right Touch Electrical showed us four devices that can make your home safer.

Will Burns: These are arc fault GFI plugs, also called dual function, what they do is protect against fire and water and fire.

Tom: Here’s the dual function next to the old GFI type. Anywhere there’s water you need the new version…. Outside you’ll need even more protection.

Will Burns: Everyone’s probably seen a plug like this outside, back a long time ago that was ok, but now we have to install this type of plug, you still need the GFI protection, but you also need a WR stamp which means weather resistant.

Tom: Side by side you can see that the Weather Resistant Plug is made of material resistant to corrosion.

Will Burns: Where corrosion takes place, arcing will take place and there will be either a power outage, or worse a fire.

Tom: The last line of defense, the breaker box.

Will: This is an old style breaker, this protects against overloads and short circuits.

Tom: Old breakers can fail, this is what happens when they do (burned up pics)…

Tom: New breakers have arc fault protection.

Will: They protect against water, they protect against fire, they also have a test button that will allow you to know they are working properly.

Tom: Not everyone loves the newer safety technology.

Will Burns: People may complain that they are very sensitive, and they do shut down sometimes… all we say is that it’s doing it’s job.

Tom: Remember those plastic plugs that covered the outlets to keep your kids safe… now…

Will burns: We only install tamper resistant devices, these have been designed to replace those, so kids can not stick anything unwanted into and electrical plug.

Tom: Right Touch calls these all these new devices “Life Safety”

Will Burns: You really need to make sure these life safety devices are put in place, that they are working properly, that they are tested, that way your home and family are safe.

Tom: I trust Right Touch Electrical to keep my electrical system safe—that’s why they’re one of my trusted Home Show Pros. For HomeShow Radio dot com I’m Tom Tynan.

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