Replacement siding is one choice that gives you three benefits

There’s no underestimating the importance of your home’s siding. Aside from being the face of your home, siding protects it from weather extremes. Siding can also make your home more energy efficient. Of course, getting all these benefits and more from replacement siding assumes you have it properly installed.

Replacement siding protects

As it ages, siding can become an eyesore. That can also allow the elements to make their way into your home. Before it gets that far, consider these benefits of replacement siding.

New siding stops leaks

Water intrusion is an expensive problem. It can easily go unnoticed. By then, it could potentially cause structural damage. Watch for water along window sills. Cracks in the drywall, while almost unnoticeable, can hide damage only revealed by removing siding.

Structural damage can range from delaminating plywood, deteriorated studs or floor framing. These issues can be corrected when replacement siding is installed. Taking care of these problems early helps prevent more costly repairs later.

Replacement siding adds value

Your siding might not have obvious decay. But, its color may fade or become less vibrant without your noticing. This leads to a generally dirty appearance that’s difficult to keep clean.

Replacing your siding perks up your home’s appearance. In fact, it could potentially pay for itself when time comes to sell.
Hardie Siding, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, can bring a 79% return on investment when you sell your home. That’s why Tom Tynan has recommended James Hardie Siding for more than two decades.

Energy efficiency and replacement siding

A house wrap helps keep your home comfortable and dry—even during heavy spring rains. Using a thermal wrap further increases your home’s energy efficiency. Using Hardie Siding with Foam adds even more energy efficiency. As an added bonus, it also provides added relief from exterior noise.

Get your replacement siding right

Making sure your siding adds curb appeal, addresses hidden repair issues and boosts energy efficiency means choosing a qualified installer such as Home Exterior Systems, one of our HomeShow Hardie Pros. These contractors not only meet our rigid standards, by have earned Hardie Elite installer status as well

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