What’s Under Your Siding Matters



Hi, I am Bill with Advanced Home Exteriors. We’re here today to talk about exterior sheathing and wall siding. We’re down in Wharton County, which is getting closer to the Gulf Coast, and one of the issues that the homeowner brought up is the structural integrity of the wall.

The original siding was one inch thick wood siding, which acted as not only the shear wall strength, but also as a siding. We’re going back with 5/16 inch fiber cement board.

So, due to a Texas windstorm, you either have to brace the walls with this diagonal, one by four bracing and/or put plywood on it to make it structurally sound. The homeowners decided to go ahead and with the extra expensive adding plywood, it’s actually called OSB, to the walls. It acts as a structural sheathing, and it’ll help the siding lay flatter when we apply the siding.

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