Remove All The Old Attic Insulation


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Brady Hallford:

It’s possible to blow additional insulation onto your existing insulation to get you up to the desired R value. However, sometimes it’s necessary to remove all of that old insulation, haul it off, start fresh with a nice clean attic.

Here in this attic, we’ve vacuumed out all the insulation. We’ve done a disinfecting process where we kill bacteria and potential spread for mold and mildew. Instances when you might want to do that, if you have a rodent infestation, if you’ve had water damage, or if you just have dust and dirt issues affecting the air quality and the dust levels in your home. But what we do is we vacuum it out straight through a hose to a bag in the front yard, and we haul it off and dispose of it properly. You want to make sure that you get a company that’s going to dispose of it properly, that’s going to clean everywhere they say they’re going to clean, and that’s going to do the disinfecting process before they come back with the new insulation.

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