Do This To Cool Down Your Attic 30 or 40 Degrees


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Brady Hallford:

By installing this radiant barrier foil, we’re able to reject that sunlight back into the atmosphere. This is 14 inches of blown fiberglass insulation. We’ve installed rulers here so that you can easily look around and kind of gauge the depth of your insulation. But 14 inches is equal to an R38 R-value.

We use a loose-fill insulation because that loose-fill insulation is going to take the shape of its container. It’s going to kind of fill in all the cracks and crevices and get you a much tighter seal throughout. It’s also more affordable than a rolled or a bat insulation fit individually in between each joist.

70% of the heat in your home comes through your attic. That’s because the roof is taking on so much sunlight throughout the day. By installing this radiant barrier foil, we’re able to reject that sunlight back into the atmosphere and cool your attic down 30 or 40 degrees. You couple that with putting all new insulation, updating that and getting that up to code so that what heat is left up here has a harder time getting into your living space and making your home more difficult to cool. With this ideally insulated attic, you’re going to reduce the temperature in your attic and increase the insulation that you have on your ceiling, and it’s going to be easier to cool. It’s going to be more affordable, it’s going to be more comfortable and you’re going to save a lot of wear and tear on your AC unit and the other mechanical components in your attic.

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