How to Protect Your Pipes from a Freeze



Randy Wilson:
You want to make sure this pipe’s protected, and if you leave air gaps around it could freeze. When water freezes, it expands. When there’s no place for that to go, then it expands the pipe outward.

Tom Tynan:
Don’t wait until your pipes burst, winter rise your plumbing before the freeze.

Randy Wilson:
This is the water service riser to the house. This is your main water into the home, and you want to protect that during the wintertime so it doesn’t freeze. The first step we’re going to do is remove this hose.

Tom Tynan:
Foam insulation is sold in different sizes based on the diameter of your pipes.

Randy Wilson:
You can make this easier if you get larger insulation if necessary.

Tom Tynan:
Duct tape helps hold it all together and closes the gaps.

Randy Wilson:
Especially at your cuts, there’s no glue, so you’re going to have an open spot anywhere you’ve cut this insulation.

Tom Tynan:
Plan ahead, get hose bib covers before they’re sold out.

Randy Wilson:
Attach the loop to the hose bib, pull the T-handle and slide this back and then adjust your line so that it is tight.

Tom Tynan:
Sprinkler system backflow preventers need to be drained and covered.

Randy Wilson:
You want to close this valve first and then this one. Now you’ll need to open these test ports. They turn a half turn, they are ball valves. Watch for the water.

Tom Tynan:
Drain both valves.

Randy Wilson:
Your second valve. Any water that’s in here now that freezes has a place to expand, it won’t pressurize and break your valve.

Tom Tynan:
Any areas that are still exposed can be insulated with towels as long as they stay dry.

Randy Wilson:
The only thing that insulates anything are the air molecules that are in between there. If you soak this towel with water, you might as well have just left this wide open ’cause it’s going to freeze and the valve’s going to freeze. We wrap it with plastic, it stays dry and it does what it’s supposed to do.

Tom Tynan:
Zip ties make sure everything stays in place all winter long.

Randy Wilson:
Anything that’s exposed above the ground needs to be protected from freezing.

Tom Tynan:
No matter what weather comes our way, you can trust Abacus Plumbing. That’s what makes them a certified Home Show pro. From Home Show Radio, I’m Tom Tynan.

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