Go from a toasted brown yard to a green healthy lawn with these six easy steps

A crunchy lawn is a sure sign of drought. What’s worse, dry grass tread upon is less likely to bounce back after we make it through our hottest weather. While the best time to create a healthy lawn before it’s toasted golden brown, hope is not lost. Before yours gets any worse, follow these six steps for a healthy lawn from RCW Nurseries.

Six easy steps to a healthy lawn

  1. Grow taller
    Every blade of grass gives shade to the root system of a healthy lawn. By letting it grow a little longer, you’ll not only preserve the roots, but fight evaporation of moisture. Remember, even a healthy lawn slows or stops growing during extreme weather.
  2. Sharpen blades
    A dull blade will fray your grass making it more likely to turn brown. A clean cut is better for a healthy lawn.
  3. Schedule cuts
    When you mow makes a difference. For one thing, mow less frequently during the summer. Avoid mowing while the sun is high; early morning, late afternoons are best during punishing summer months.
  4. Mulch cuttings
    Mulching mowers settle into the grass and help trap moisture. While it’s helpful all year, it’s especially helpful to a healthy lawn through summer months.
  5. Feeding time
    Before considering fertilizer, test your soil to see if the problem goes deeper. Organic fertilizers produce the best long-term results for a healthy lawn. Fertilizing during summer months, while lawns are struggling, can make things worse.
  6. Quench thirst
    Most lawns require about an inch of water per week to stay healthy. Deep, infrequent watering during morning hours allows moisture to be more efficiently absorbed by the root system of a healthy lawn.

How much has your grass had to drink?

Measure how much water your lawn receives is easy. Place shallow cans around your yard. Measure how much water each accumulates after a watering cycle is complete. Adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

A healthy lawn starts now

Remember, according to our trusted friends at RCW Nurseries, healthy lawn has the best chance of bouncing back once the hottest days of summer pass. That means keeping your soil well fed, your grass watered and trimmed according to the season all year long.

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