Watch ePipe epoxy pipe restoration save 177 residences at once

Galvanized pipes don’t age gracefully. What starts out as low water pressure or rusty colored water can quickly lead to pinhole leaks. While repiping seems an obvious choice, epoxy pipe restoration is safer, quicker, and longer lasting repiping alternative—even if the pipes in your home are older than you are.

Repiping Alternative: Epoxy Pipe Restoration

“There were some problems, because the building is old… and you have to remember that,” says Rosemary, a resident at one of two HUD retirement homes in Houston. Tom’s HomeShow Pros at TDT are working to correct those problems from with in the pipes.

“Because of corrosion, we would have to get the plumbers to come out and fix and patch and repair the pipes,” says Carolyn Twiggs, Property Manager at Heights House.

Once upon a time, repiping an entire plumbing system was the only answer to galvanized pipe issues. That changed about 20 years ago with the introduction of ePipe technology. Houston’s TDT pioneered this epoxy pipe restoration method that cleans pipes from the inside, coating them with a long-lasting epoxy coating. It’s not only an easier repiping alternative, but it lasts longer.

“The beauty about galvanized pipe, the integrity of galvanized pipe is excellent. It’s just a matter of cleaning out pipe and removing that internal corrosion,” says Vic Caso with TDT. “It’s like having a plastic pipe inside your metallic pipe”

Super-Sized Epoxy Pipe Restoration

The challenge with this project was performing epoxy pipe restoration on 177 residences almost at that same time. Even with the convenience this repiping alternative provides, disrupting that many homes at once could be a problem, but it wasn’t.

Rather than having to relocate residents, TDT was able to perform this epoxy pipe restoration project section by section.

“You have what we call risers, from the first floor all the way up to the tenth floor,” Caso says. “We’re able to take a set of risers or in this case a set of apartments and totally rehabilitate that piping without disturbing the rest of the apartments.”

A More Convenient Repiping Alternative

This repiping alternative not only saves time, but money as well. There’s no need to cut numerous holes in sheet rock to access plumbing. That’s because epoxy pipe restoration uses existing valves to access the plumbing system.

“It is a major savings in avoiding inconvenience to the residents,” says Jim Gwin, the building architect.

Like New Plumbing

“Since we’ve had all this work done its just been clear water, good water,” says Rosemary, a Heights House resident. Her neighbor Bertha adds, “ I’m happy because I have a lot of water in the kitchen now.”

Tom Tynan’s Repiping Alternative HomeShow Pro, TDT, performs epoxy pipe restoration on projects of every scale, from 177 multi-family facilities and industrial facilities to homes like yours. It’s a money and time saving way to get better-than-new plumbing from the pipes you already have.

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