Composite window frames help keep comfort in and energy bills down

Windows represent the single greatest potential source of energy loss in a home. Insulating replacement windows have taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of composite windows.

Composite window advantages

Composite windows are designed and constructed to withstand even the harshest conditions, season after season. Made from materials similar to those on car bumpers, composite are not only stronger, but more energy efficient than vinyl. And at a price roughly between vinyl and wood, they’re also affordable.

Modern window frames cut air infiltration down to almost zero and, when used with advanced glazings, can slash up to 40 percent off your heating and cooling bills. Some windows also free you from periodic painting. Still others rival fine cabinetry in eye appeal.

Choosing composite windows

After seeing all the issues with wood/clad windows and the lack of inherent strength with vinyl windows, composite frames offer greater durability, larger openings, and longer life. One homeowner explains why composite windows from Gulf Coast Windows were the perfect choice for their home.

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