Key tips to help you get the most from a bathroom remodel


Knowing what you’re getting into with a bathroom remodel is the best way to make sure any project comes out well.  Set yourself up for success with these key considerations:

Evaluate before starting a bathroom remodel

What do you like? What would you like to change? What can you not live with any more? Organize  them by like-to-do and must-do.  Then, rank them in importance to your project.

Set a budget before spending a dime

Decision making is easier when you’re guided by a budget.  Whether your project is cosmetic or down to the studs, decide first how much you want to spend.  Then, stick to your budget.  That may mean getting creative with your decisions.  Consider updating what can’t be changed easily: flooring, tubs, showers, even lighting.

Easiest way to add expense to a bathroom project?

It may seem easy on paper to move a toilet, sink, or even a shower.  But, doing so will dramatically increase your project’s expense.  Consider keeping things where they are while updating.  The money you save can buy better fixtures, cabinetry and countertops.

Creative ways to more remodel for your money

An easy and relatively cheap way to freshen up your bathroom is to change out hardware.  Fresh drawer pulls, faucets and a showerhead to bring new life to your current bathroom or add to the impact of an updated one.  Choosing and sticking with one finish, such as stainless steel, or brushed nickel ties everything together with a consistent look.

If you’re not going with a glass shower, accent tiles and a curved shower rod are budget friendly ways to get more from an update.

To make a small bathroom look bigger, keep your colors in the white-to-cream color spectrum.

Mirrors aren’t just for grooming.  Consider adding more to give your bathroom a larger feel. Strategically locate them so they allow you to check your look from multiple angles.

Lighting makes a big difference in a bathroom

Dated bathrooms share a common trait: bad lighting.  Nothing makes a bathroom as satisfying as good lighting.  Consider adding sconces at your vanity.  They produce even lighting—especially when installed at eye level.  Typically you’ll want more light at the sink for shaving or makeup while dim lighting makes for a more relaxing bath.  Fact is, more lighting makes your bathroom seem larger.

Ventilation keeps your bath comfortable and clean

Your bathroom is a natural source of moisture.  Don’t let mold or mildew do in your bathroom remodel. Make sure your plan calls for a ventilation fan with adequate CFM’s for the space.  That means one CFM per square foot of bathroom a hundred feet or smaller.  Make sure your fan vents to the outside, not just into your attic.

Finally, consider who you’re remodeling for…

If you’re planning to be in your home for less than five years, design with resale in mind.  If you’ve just moved in, then it’s all about you—to a point.  Chances are you’ll sell some day.

The easiest way to get it done right, of course, is to turn it over to a pro.  Tom Tynan trusts, recommends and–as you can see in the video above–uses TriFection, our HomeShow Trusted Company for kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as room additions.

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