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Chris Champagne:

By the push of a button, you can unlock your door from anywhere. Chris here, with Door Clearance Center. Let’s say you bought a new door and a new lock for your home, but the challenge is you have a new lock with new keys that don’t work with your old lock and your old keys. Here’s your new lock. How do you change this to match your old key that every other door in your house works with? Well, here’s your new key, here’s your old key. See how it doesn’t work? Not a problem. If you have Kwikset SmartKey technology. Let me demonstrate.

Here’s the factory key from Kwikset. Stick it in, turn it horizontally. You’ll notice that little slot there at the top. Take your SmartKey change cool. Put that in. Pull out the key from the factory and then put in your old house key. Pull out the SmartKey tool and now, voila, your key works, your new lock.

In 1844, Yale patented the cylindrical lock set, and ever since then, just about every lock has been a cylindrical lock, but we’ve come a long way since then. Check out this push button, electronic deadbolt. You have the benefit of the cylindrical technology that’s tried and true over many years, but you also have a push button keypad. Program your code, unlock with an electronic deadbolt. Proven to be very durable over the years, and the battery lasts for years as well.

As an upgraded feature, you also have the touchscreen deadbolt. Why touchscreen? Well, push buttons wear out, touchscreens are much more durable. But you still have the physical key just in case you want to use that. But let’s say you want to get away from that old key technology and go full digital. Check out our next generation SmartKey. There’s no key, only a keypad. Full digital security.

You can program codes and get in and out conveniently. But let’s say you want just one more step up in convenience. Check out the same touchscreen deadbolt, no key. But now, with the added August module with a smartphone app, you can program codes, delete codes from your smartphone even add a temporary code for visitors, guests, even contractors, to come to your house for work. By the push of a button, you can unlock your door from anywhere.

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