Steel Pottery Barn

Kinsey Lane: Since I’ve been a kid I’ve always been creating things.

Tom: You know those kids that spent all their time in class drawing things…

Kinsey: He does imaginative realism

Tom: They grow up and became adults who draw things, that you’d swear were photographs.

Mike Jones / Mueller: Seems like the type of people that gravitate towards us.

Tom: They are Kinsey and Jessie Lane, opening an art studio gave them a new way to show off their talents.

Kinsey: We framed the whole building we ran the electrical lines, we did the plumbing, we wired all the lights

Tom: The inside… is all do it yourself… the outside?

VO: Steel Beams being put in place.

Mike Jones: They were probably 15 to 20 lbs. a foot, you’re looking at 800 lbs. to 850 lbs. a rafter.

Tom: Mueller Steel Buildings are designed so that you can build them yourself.

David Bowen / Straight Line Construction: The Frame is the biggest part, you get it nice and square and everything where it goes… it’s a no brainer after that.

Tom: When it comes to the heavy lifting, most Mueller customers prefer to get help.

David Bowen: We do about sixty to seventy a year, and I’ve been doing it for about twenty five years.

Tom: Quality constructed steel… property assembled. The result….. Woodland Lane. The mission…

Kinsey: To spread art to the community, a place where people can come, and be social, and enjoy doing art together.

Tom: Remember that thing YOU loved doing when you were a kid? Maybe now’s the time… Mueller Steel Buildings are a blank canvas.

Mike: It’s really just up to a person’s imagination is to what they want to do with it.

Tom: For HomeShow Radio dot com I’m Tom Tynan.

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