Saw sharpening helps you cut through every project easier

Your saw is only as good as its teeth. They can speed you through a job or slow it to a crawl. Saw sharpening makes more sense once you understand how a saw blade is designed.

A saw’s teeth are created in a bent, an alternating pattern, left and right. This is what creates the cutting groove while also leaving room so the blade won’t get stuck.

Saw sharpening gives you an edge

Your saw’s teeth get dull with use because of the millions of collisions they experience in cutting wood. Over time, use reduces their amount of splay, or “set.” Gradually, your saw cuts slower and slower with an increasing tendency to bend.

Too many times, a worn saw will get set aside or tossed away in favor of a new one. That’s not right. Instead of replacing it, save money by re-sharpening your blades.

A family tradition that never gets dull

It was 1954 when Circle Saw sharpened its first blades. It’s been a family tradition for generations since. From saw blades to router bits to chainsaws, lawnmowers, and even kitchen and pocket knives, Circle Saw helps keep Houston sharp—often with the same methods used when they first opened

A tool is a precious thing. Treat yours right. Get their blades properly sharpened.

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