How to replace a toilet flapper

That leaky toilet just won’t quit. The constant hiss from the bathroom is driving you crazy. And your water bill isn’t making you too happy either. Well some things you can take care of, no problem. Maybe you need to take a look at your flapper. Don’t know where or what that is? Find out from this QuickTip how to fix the toilet and stop the leaking.


It runs, it stops, it starts, it stops, even when there’s nobody in there. It could be your flapper. And to show us how to fix that, we’ve got John from Abacus Plumbing here. John, thanks for coming [? out with us. ?]

Well, thank you.

John, what’s involved in repairing the flapper?

Well, the first thing that you want to do, you want to turn off the water. Turn it to the right. OK, turn off the water.

And then, what you want to do is, you want to open up the tank. As you open up the tank, go ahead and flush it. And then of course, you’ll see the flapper. And then you can disconnect it there.

The next step, there will be a chain that’s connected to the handle. And you’ll see it. Just go ahead and take that off. And then you can proceed going down there and taking off the flapper. And then you can bring that to the hardware and match it.

And go ahead and cut that ring off. And then you want to go ahead and attach it to the flush valve. And then go ahead and flush it several times and make sure you have that right.  

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