Plumbing Repair: Tunneling to Fix a Busted Pipe

Even thought it’s difficult to do, it’s the best possible way to do it. The less pipe you have under the house, the better off you’re gonna be.

Tom Tynan: This is my fault.

Michael / Homeowner: Had a real slow drain in the kitchen sink.

Tom: I didn’t cause the backup, but I did have something to do with what happened next.

Michael: When he ran the snake down there, it was pulling mud.

Pepe Flores with Abacus: The cast iron pipe was busted.

Tom: What happened next? The homeowner learned that fixing the problem involved digging an expensive tunnel under his home.

Bob Connelly with Abacus: Water is getting out under the slab, it will cause you a lot of foundation issues, as well as the plumbing issues.

Tom: The only way to do an expensive repair like this, is right the first time. But how do you know who to call?

Michael: I’ve listened to Tom Tynan for years, I knew he had a website, so I checked the website and saw that Abacus was his preferred provider.

Tom: Every week on the radio I try to help my listeners, sometimes that help comes from the Pro’s that I recommend and trust.

Pepe: We drill the floor and break the slab from under the home.

Tom: The plan: re-route the drain line around the house, and re-intercept the sewer outside.

Bob: We designed this system to be much better than the original build.

Tom: When finished, you’ll barely notice there was a tunnel.

Micheal: I don’t have any issues with it now, I don’t have any qualms or concerns about using the sink.

Tom: One thing you will notice… the problem fixed… for good.

Bob Connelly: This thing’s gonna flow better than it did when the house was brand new.

Tom: The company I have trusted since 2003 to help my listeners fix their plumbing problems… Abacus plumbing. That’s what makes them a Certified HomeShow Pro.

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