Do hidden costs of wood siding make Hardie siding a better choice for you?

Wood home siding sets you up for losing contest against moisture and humidity. Sooner or later, moisture gets behind wood siding. Boards warp. Paint peels. It’s game over. Humidity wins. The best way to win this contest is to never get in it.

Hardie siding advantage

James Hardie fiber cement is specifically formulated to better resist damage from the very predators—moisture, humidity, pests and fire—that pose threats to wood-based products.

It’s not only less expensive than wood, it won’t be eaten by animals or insects. It also resists water absorption better than wood even where the manufacturer’s recommended protections are followed, helping protect against mold.

Wood may split, crack and deteriorate over time, while James Hardie siding resists weather damage and keeps its shape for a much longer time, which means less maintenance over the years.

Getting Hardie siding right

Like so many things in your house, choosing the right materials is only half the challenge. Choosing the right hands to do the install makes the difference in how well your investment stands up over time.

With hundreds of companies installing Hardie, how do you know a company is qualified? We screened many siding companies before selected ones Tom would recommend. That’s what makes Advanced Home Exteriors is one of Tom’s HomeShow Hardie Pros.

Properly installed, Hardie siding gives homes a long-lasting look with less need for maintenance. Watch this install and see why Tom recommends Hardie and trusts Advanced Home Exteriors to get siding jobs done right.

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