Five ways you can avoid gate operator damages or injuries

Does your gate operator provide peace of mind or, is it an accident waiting to happen? A gate opener can only do what it’s supposed to do if it’s installed correctly. Too many times, though, shortcuts or budget limitations result in a gate that can be downright dangerous.

“You don’t want to stop people from coming,” says Rustin Raney of H&R Operator Services. “You just want to let people come and go who need to be coming and going, and the people who don’t are kept out.”

Keeping Your Gate Operator Safe

Underwriters Laboratory safety standards require operators only be used of vehicular traffic gates. Plus, they now must have photo-eyes or contact sensing edges that prevent entrapment. That’s just the beginning of keeping yours safe.

Five steps to a safer Gate Operator

  1. Stand clear: When a gate operator is opening or closing, don’t try squeezing through. Older gates lacking up-to-date safety sensors can damage vehicles or, worse, cause bodily harm. The same goes for reaching through a gate. Never operate one by reaching through.
  2. Check For A UL Mark: Before buying a gate operator, make sure it’s safety tested and complies to UL 324 standards for safety. The same goes for sensors and controls. Cutting a budget corner here could cost more than money.
  3. Inspect periodically: Perform visual inspections of your gate system to confirm moving parts are properly installed and operating properly. Check sensors too. Visual and edge sensors should work independently.
  4. Keep distances: Gate operator controls should be located so the person operating it cannot touch the gate or reach through to the controls.
  5. Practice responsible parenting: Teach children to not play on or near your gate. An operator accident is only one of the ways children can be injured by a gate. Teach them to respect it.

Gate safety made easy

Instilling a gate operator is not a do-it-yourself project. The best way to make sure yours is safe is to make sure it’s properly installed by trained professionals such as H&R Operator Services.

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