Surprising solution to a problem balcony is flat roof leak repair

Surprising solution to a problem balcony is flat roof leak repair

“We considered removing the balcony and just having a lattice porch,” Todd told us when writing to the Ask Tom section of “We would have so much water enter the downstairs that we would have to remove our porch furniture.”

Where there’s a roof leak, you need a roofer

While balconies provide outdoor space for fun or relaxation, their flat surface is susceptible to damage that acts much like a roof leak. Seldom, however, do homeowners think to call a roofer—even though the problem is right above them.

“The deck didn’t look bad,” said Jim Hardwick of Ideal Roofing. “It was an attractive deck, but to a water proofer, it was a disaster.

This roof leak began with its construction

Among other problems, concrete decking ran right up to the siding. There was no flashing, screw holes were rusted and exposed and waterproofing material was improperly installed in the first place.

Whether it’s concrete or gravel and asphalt, getting a proper seal at every seam and connection is difficult. Factor in foot traffic and this deck’s roof leak was inevitable.

One monolithic solution to this roof leak.

To end the leaks once and for all, Ideal Roofing instead installed a monolithic solution: a PVC liner that is sealed as a single unit in place. By extending it under the siding and starting beneath the door frame, water only has one way to go.

Monolithic membranes were originally developed for large buildings and tanks. It is used on flat or nearly flat roofs. Properly installed, they prevent leaks by moving water off the roof. Their one-piece construction eliminates leakage associated with other flat roofing systems.

It takes a roofer who’s a water proofer

After installing stainless steel flashing up the wall and a custom-made door pan, the PVC liner is put into place and provide a durable surface that’s impervious to leaks.

“The stainless steel flashing goes up the wall,” says Jim. “So, any water that gets in will come out the the top of the flashing and onto the deck.”

So far, no leaks. And, Todd is relieved. “I really do believe we’ve solved this problem,” he says. “I really do believe that.”

Remember: a qualified roofer is your best defense against leaks. See how Ideal Roofing chased down another leak in a town house and learn the common causes of leaks in other videos here on our site.


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