foundation repair

Texas soil causes foundation repair?

Texas clay soil can’t help it. God made it this way. It expands when moist, contracts when dry. The whole time, your foundation goes along for the ride. Watch an up-close look at how pressed-pile repairs bring foundations back to level and prevent future problems. Continue reading

foundation watering system

Proven way to avoid foundation repairs

The moisture levels under and around your slab is a major cause of foundation repairs. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the moisture of your soil. When you learn how, you’ll wonder why more people don’t take these simple steps. Continue reading

Trex Transcend Decking

Deck design to keep yours looking new

Deck designs look great the day they're built. From then on, it's a steady decline into popped nails, splinters, and stains. But, now you can keep that new deck look for good. See how in this video <!–more–> [MUSIC PLAYING] … Continue reading