cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing: new look on a budget

Cabinet refacing allows you to give your kitchen the look of brand new custom cabinets at only a fraction of the time and cost. Refacing also offers a more attractive and permanent solution to your cabinet problems compared to refinishing or painting. Continue reading

in-place pipe repair epipe

Repairing pinhole leaks with ePipe

The cure to pinhole leaks may seem worse than the disease. pinhole leak repair once meant cutting holes in your sheetrock to find and replace pipes. TDT’s ePipe repair-in-place system offers an alternative to traditional re-piping. Continue reading

leaky roof vent

How to fix a leaky roof vent

A leaky roof vent can get mold growing in just 24 hours. A bad lead jack is often the culprit when it loses its seal in the sun. How do you fix a good lead jack gone bad? See the solution to a roof leak with a simple install. Continue reading