room painting project tips

Three room painting tips to help you get professional results


  Three tips to get professional results from your room painting project.Changing the color. Fixing the cracks. Covering up the blemishes. Or just making it look new again. All good reasons to give your home a fresh coat of paint. Starting right means starting with a quality product. You want to stay away from the […]


Three benefits of LED outdoor lights


 LED outdoor lights are fast becoming the predominant choice of landscape lighting designers and contractors. Learn the three factors that make LED outdoor lights just as popular with homeowners.

optimize appliance buying budget

Budget saving tips to know before you buy appliances


  Kitchen updates start with appliances. Buy appliances that fit physically and financially. Three things to know.Refreshing your old kitchen or building a new one doesn’t start with colors, countertops, or cabinets. Building a better kitchen starts with something even more important. Appliances become the base that you build around. You design around that, and […]