Whole Home Generators Restore Power Fast


Mike (homebuilder): When that power goes out you’re in the dark, you have refrigerators, you have computers you can’t use, with a backup generator, he has full power in his house throughout.

Mike Prejeant with Jamestown Estate Homes: We take the homeowners ideas and put them on paper.

Tom Tynan: Those ideas are this reality, a custom home with classic charm, and some new touches.

Mike: There’s not another house like this anywhere in Houston.

Tom: One way this home is like every other house in Houston, it’s vulnerable to storms and the inconveniences they bring.

Burt Koenig Jr. with Kiss Generator: This generator here, the 30 RCL, weights approximately 1300 pounds, and produces 30 kilowatts of power

Tom: If it seems big because it is. It has a big job to do, power everything in this home when the power goes out.

Burt Jr.: We come out and do a load analysis on the home. We get an idea of the actual load your home is going to require.

Tom: How long does it take to restore power? About half the time it takes to describe the process. Don’t believe me…

Burt Jr.: When utility goes out, the transfer switch will recognize that the utility is gone out, it will then send a signal to the generator, the generator will then start within three seconds, seven seconds after that the power will transfer to the generator, and then the home will be powered within ten seconds.

Tom: Now here it is in real time…

Burt Jr: 5,4,3,2,1

Tom: Everything back online in ten seconds sounds like it would be enough, but this homeowner wanted one more thing.

Mike: He specifically wanted a Kohler liquid cooled generator.

Tom: Why?

Burt Jr.: A liquid cooled generator is better because it’s quieter.

Tom: Looks like this generator might be seeing some action soon. Don’t worry

Burt Jr. It can run for days or weeks at a time.

Tom Tynan: Knowing which generator is right for your home, and how to install and maintain it. That’s what makes Kiss Generators a Certified HomeShow Pro. For HomeShow Radio dot com I’m Tom Tynan.

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