Tile roofing is nearly permanent roofing

Before shingles, tile was the roofing material of choice. It’s strong, sturdy, and it has a rustic look unique only to tile. On top of that, there’s plenty of colors and even materials like slate to choose from. You can make your roof as unique as you that lasts long, too. See what options are available to make your roof your own with tile.

Tile roofing options

Tile roofing is a great product and a great alternative to shingles. The main types of tile are slate and clay products. That varies in different sizes and lengths and colors. There’s also concrete roofing, which is tries imitating both the slate or the clay tile.

The installation of tile roofing is a lot more labor intensive, mainly because of the weight of the product, and also, the pieces that we’re installing are a lot smaller than shingles. One of the great benefits with a tile or a slate roof is that you can really fingerprint or individualize your own house, and the roof at this point becomes basically an artistic pallet with the various things that you can do with tile or slate.

An added benefit to tile roofing

Tile roofing not only looks good, it even makes a more efficient roof. One of the added benefits, once it’s installed, is you a small airspace underneath between the product and the roof deck itself, so you’re not getting that direct transfer of heat like you would on a shingle roof. The benefits of a tile roof is obviously going to be your aesthetics and the several different things you can do with your roof. And, it should be the last roof for that building that you ever need to buy.

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