Step-by-step sheetrock repair


A plumbing leak in the ceiling. A doorknob hole in a wall. Either way, sheetrock repair comes down to four simple steps. While some damage can be undo-it-yourself projects, others demand the experience of a pro. Watch as Rudy’s Quality Painting shares tips to handle a problem over the head of most homeowners.

Sheetrock repair step-by-step

Rudy describes his sheetrock repair process: When we get started to do a sheet rock repair, we check the hole. And then we’re going to cut out a new piece of sheet rock and fit it in perfectly. If we don’t have any supports– two by four rafters running through there– then we’re going to add one by twos as supports. They’re going to screw into the old sheet rock and into the new to stabilize it. Then we’re going to start our floating. We’re going to float out the first coat, and then we’re going to lay some tape on top of that. Soon as the tape’s laid down there, we’re going to come back and we’re going to do a full float skim to even out the sheet rock in any bad areas. Once that dries, we can come back, wet sand it, and add our texture to it. Once our texture dries, then we’ll paint it.

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