How to fix a leaky roof vent

A leaky roof vent can start= mold growing in just 24 hours. Bad lead jacks are often source of roof leaks. A good lead jack acts as a seal between a plumbing vent and your roof. A bad lead jack becomes a leaky roof vent because it starts to dry rot in the sun. And it shrinks, and moves, and loses that seal that was causing it to be waterproof.

Bring a leaky roof vent up to code

Start by removing the old lead jack and removing shingles around it. Install a Code lead jack in its place.

A code lead jack is going to be much better, because it has a much larger base to it which sits flat on the roof. So the shingles overlap more. And it also encases the entire plumbing pipe that’s sticking up. So it’s a complete umbrella over the pipe.

Once it’s installed, the leak is fixed. A code lead Jack seal will last as long as your roof. Stop mold before it starts. Fix your jacked up roofing for a lifetime leak solution.