Repairing pinhole leaks doesn’t have to mean punching holes in walls

The cure to pinhole leaks may seem worse than the disease. pinhole leak repair once meant cutting holes in your sheetrock to find and replace pipes. It was a messy process. But, not any more.

ePipe from Texas Drain Technologies

Texas Drain Technology’s ePipe system repairs pinhole leaks from within the pipes. The four-step process is quicker than pipe replacement too. Watch as TDT gives a home repairs that will last up to 75 years.

Pinhole leaks mean its time for ePipe

Water, over time, will just erode some of that zinc protection and the galvanized pipe. And eventually, you’ll start having the pinhole leaks. Historically, the only way to deal with failing pipes is to do a total repipe in your house.

Instead of cutting into walls throughout your house, ACE DuraFlo can fix those pinhole leaks without all these hassles of repiping.

The ACE DuraFlo process involves four steps: draining the water from the plumbing system, air drying the plumbing system, and sand blasting the inside of the pipes, and applying the epoxy coating. A pipe that historically would have had to have been replaced can now last another 75 to 100 years.

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