Travel down a clogged drain to see where trouble begins

Clearing a clogged drain

Is there a worse feeling than seeing water collect around the drain? It’s a dreaded feeling: will this clog mean a visit from the plumber? That depends on the clog.

Strainer clogs

If your clog collects around the strainer or stopper, all you may need to do is remove the strainer and clear it. If it’s a strainer clog, remove the strainer and loosen, remove and wash away debris that’s collected. Then, clean around the top of the drain.

Stopper clogs

Remember that stoppers need cleaning too. First, remove the stopper. Some are removed by turning them. Others need to have the pivot rod removed first. Once removed, clean the stopper and wipe out the base of the opening to cure the clogged drain.

Plunger to the rescue

If your clog isn’t too far into the main drain, a plunger can loosen up and clear a clogged drain. Water is your ally when using a plunger. Add a few inches if the basin is dry; that water will help flush what caused the clogged drain. Remember to block vent holes when using a plunger. To give your plunger added power, apply petroleum jelly to the plunger’s rim.

Professional help for your clogged drain

While clogs are easy enough to correct on your own, there are more difficult cases that call for professional help. If these basic tips don’t help, it’s best to call Abacus Plumbing rather than risk doing damage to your drain lines.

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