Repairing mysterious roof leaks

Roof leaks are sneaky beasts. Just because you see a leak in one place, doesn’t mean it started there. Leaks can travel distances before becoming visible. That’s why the first step in repairing roof leaks is finding the source.

First step: finding the source of roof leaks

Roof leaks can be caused by pinhole leaks, a faulty lead jack, damaged or aged shingles. And, they could caused be faulty detail work such as flashing. Watch how we helped one listener chase down and fix a mysterious leak.

One aspect of roof leaks that makes finding their source difficult is that evidence of the can appear far from the source. Water can penetrate the roof, for instance, but travel inside the walls and appear a floor or two below.

When you see where the heights it took to fix this one, you’ll agree: some jobs are best left to professionals.

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