No-mess pinhole leak pipe repair

Rusty water. Poor water pressure. Both point to pinhole leaks in your pipes. That means water damage and potential mold issues in your home.

In place pinhole leak repair

Repairing old, leaking plumbing can mean pipe replacement. That means tearing out walls and floors to access and replace pipes. How about a in-place pipe repair that works from the inside out, no mess required? See how one homeowner managed to get his pipes fixed without tearing them out.

Pinhole leak repair step-by-step

First step: dry the system completely after draining the pipes. Secondly, a corundum cleaning is performed using aluminum oxide as a sandblasting medium. And finally, the epoxy coating is applied to the inside of the pipes.

After the ePIPE process is completed, you have fresh, clean water coming through your pipes and no pinhole leaks.

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