Repot plants like a boss


You seed, you water, and your plant grows, grows, grows.  Uh oh!  Looks like your fern has gotten a little too big for its britches. Do you just toss it and start over? Of course not! It’s time to repot your plant. If you don’t do it soon, your plant might get the urge to break free from its clay prison and crack your pot. Mary Cummings from RCW Nurseries is here with the proper path to prepping your plant for a new pot.

Good morning.

So Mary, what are the steps to properly repotting a plant?

You want to select the correct sized pot.

How do we know we have the right one?

The old pot should fit into the new pot with about an inch clearance on each side. And you want to prepare the pot by adding some kind of material to the bottom for drainage. We like to use styrofoam peanuts because it keeps the pots from being so heavy.

Now the pot’s prepared. I guess all that’s left is to put the plant in?

Correct. You remove your plant from its old pot and just set it in the new pot. When you’re doing this, you don’t let the root ball fall apart. Trim anything off that needs to come off. You’re going to remove any dead leaves, circling roots, if that’s a problem.

You’re going to back fill to fill the space between the root ball and the new pot. And then water it, and then you should be done.

Get Tom’s suggested method for repotting a plant

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