Unclog drains like a pro

Lots of things can go down your sink– it’s not all just water. Eventually, this leads to clogged drains, which leads to overflowing water, which leads to you frustrated and calling up the plumber on short notice. John Cantu from Abacus Plumbing has a QuickTip you can do before you call in the experts; just clean your p-trap!

Thank you.

So, John, what are the steps to cleaning out a P-trap.

The first thing you want to do, you want to get a small bucket to catch the water when we open up that P-trap. Just put it underneath it before we get started on that end. The next step, you want to take the top nut off. What you want to do after you loosen it a little bit, you’re going to be loosening it with one hand. The other hand, you want to put your hand underneath the P-trap in case it falls down. And take it out. And after you take that P-trap off, I do recommend take it outside, use a garden hose to kind of clean out that P-trap real good. Then come back and put it back together.

Is there any specific order to tightening these down?

No, that’s fine. Just go ahead snug it down with your hands and then put it back together. OK. Now, the next step, we’ll go ahead and turn on the water and make sure there’s no leaks.

So that’s the whole show?

That’s it.

And we’re done.

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