Can power washing really be the answer to a longer lasting deck?

Decks aren’t cheap. So, why wouldn’t you want to prolong their life? There’s a right way and many wrong ways to power wash your deck. Since decks aren’t cheap, it makes sense to prolong their life.

Power washing like a pro

Learn the power washing secrets of keeping your deck looking good and lasting longer. Watch as one old deck goes from grey to nearly good as new.

Power washing gets into the surface of the wood and knocks out the grime on top and into it. So it just brings it back to life. While professionals use up to a 3,000 PSI power washer, you can accomplish similar results with 1,000-to-2,000 psi. All you need is water hose and a water line.

After setting up your equipment, start spraying. Start at a corner and power wash at an angle 10 to 12 inches up and knocking your grime out, going back and forth and stay with the grain. You should be able to see the grime coming off of the deck. Keep going until you finish the deck. You’ll see the difference. It’ll be a different color once you power wash and you’ll see it brighten up. You can wash it once a year if you have a lot of trees and plants around your deck. But, otherwise, you could do it every two years.

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