Every successful kitchen makeover is the result of this unseen element


There’s an unseen element in every successful kitchen makeover. While projects start with a vision, there’s one thing nobody wants in a new kitchen.

“I don’t want to have any regrets,” said Kyle. “You know that this is going to be your forever kitchen, I want it to be exactly what I envisioned in my head.”

Kitchen Makeover in the making

Kyle’s kitchen was in need of an update. Take clutter, lack of function, and average. And add a few years. It’s a recipe for remodeling.

What separates successful kitchen makeover projects from difficult ones is process.

“I felt like the process, it couldn’t get here fast enough,” added Kyle.

For our HomeShow Pros at TriFection, their process means on-site work begins when they truly have everything ready. With a kitchen makeover, everything is a lot of things.

“The cabinets had been built and finished and ready for install,” says TriFection’s Jeff Reina. “We pick countertop material, we pick backsplash tile, floor tile, appliances, fixtures, lights, paint colors. It can be overwhelming.”

Kitchen makeover help where you need it

Before any project has a chance to become overwhelming, TriFection’s design selection team brings needed help. That’s because the process starts with so many choices. In fact, there are so many choices, homeowners often get bogged down.

“I just basically put all my pictures on the table and said, I like this in this picture,” Kyle remarked. “And I like this in that picture. And I needed somebody to put all my thoughts together.”

A good designer guides your ideas and turns them into plans.

“I’m not picking it for them,” says Melanie Heinrich, a TriFection design selection consultant. “They’re picking it for themselves, I’m just helping them put it together.”

When all those pieces come together through a proven remodeling process, it’s worth the wait.

“I got to see everything I picked out come to life,” said Kyle.

The success or failure of a kitchen or bathroom remodel comes down to how well thought through was the project before anyone arrives on site for the first day’s work.

Planning and patience payoff

“It’s my dream kitchen” Kyle said after seeing the project complete. “It’s exactly what I wanted.”

Designing and remodeling your kitchen exactly how you imagine it take the kind of skill that makes TriFection one of Tom Tynan’s certified HomeShow Pros.

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