Could this kitchen remodeling process make your project easier?

Remodeling your kitchen means living without it for weeks. By any measure, kitchen remodeling is a major undertaking. But, it’s made easier when you follow this proven remodeling process.

Starting line of Kitchen remodeling

Simple as it seems, kitchen remodeling starts by imagining what you really want. You see other kitchens with different eyes during this stage; taking stock of what you like and what you don’t.

You need a kitchen remodeling coach

TriFection’s Jeff Roberts guided this project. He starts by listening until he understands what clients want. Then, he sends customers shopping.

Shopping precedes design

Buying appliances comes before designing because kitchens are designed around appliances. Designing first limits choices. In this case, TriFection had to get a 30-inch oven into a space originally built for a 26-inch one. Once all the purchases are complete, and decisions on design and finishes are made, demolition begins.

Kitchen remodeling demo days

In the case of this kitchen demolition only meant tearing out an overhead light and island. It meant tearing up a row of tiles for a gas line. It also meant removing cabinet doors and drawer covers to be painted and glazed offsite. TriFection’s cabinet team does much of their carpentry off-site to make on-site construction more efficient.

Kitchen Remodeling Construction

The new ovens required significant electrical upgrades; new recessed cans also had to be wired in. Then, TriFection’s cabinet team brought in the new oven cabinet, built to accommodate the new larger ovens. Then, A trench had to be cut to run gas to what was previously an all-electric island. This would normally mean a new floor. But, the previous owner had left two boxes of replacement tiles in the garage. Big savings.

An island fantasy no longer

Arrival of the custom cherrywood island began the finish carpentry stage of the project. Fitted with granite top in an accenting color, it was a perfect home to the new cooktop from Nor-West Appliance; lit from above by recessed LED cans and three pendants.

Painters then came to do glazing work on the cabinets, using one of the finished doors to match the multilayered, hand-painted finish. This process alone took a long 13-hour day.

Punching out this kitchen remodel

And, just like that: cabinet doors and hardware were installed, the last of the tape was taken up, appliances tested, the counters cleaned and polished leaving only a final punch-list review. What seemed a long process seems all but forgotten when standing in a newly remodeled kitchen. It’s proof that step-by-step a good process can get you through anything!

One more thing….

Executive Producer, Charlie Moger and his wife Sandie are delighted with the finished result and can’t remember life before their new TriFection kitchen. You can read more about the project in a story he wrote about it on TriFection’s website.

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