Granite counters add rock-solid appeal

Granite counters in your kitchen or bath make a great first impression when friends come to visit. Adding granite is a snap and it pays back when time comes to sell your home.

Granite counters installation

TriFection’s Jeff Roberts takes you through the granite installation process.

“Once the color is chosen and the slabs are selected, those slabs are then taken into the fabrication shop,” says Roberts. “Fabricators cut and form the granite exactly the shape and size of what the countertops are going to be when they’re finished.”

Fabrication typically takes a day or two. Once the granite counters are cut and fabricated, it’s time for installation.

Dry fit: a granite counters installer trick

The granite is not exactly cut to fit. It’s cut long. Walls are never square, never plumb. And if you cut it to try to be exact, it’s not going to fit right.

“Our installers bring it for a dry fit the granite in the home,” says Roberts. “They’ll mark it, they’ll bring it back out, they’ll cut it, they’ll take it back in, dry fit it again. And slowly but surely, they’re going to make that piece of granite fit exactly what we need to fit. Any holes that need to be made, other than the sink holes, are made on site to make sure they’re exactly where they need to be.”

Then the granite is permanently affixed with Liquid Nails to the decking of the countertop. Undermount sinks are then mounted and the granite is ready to use. Typical granite install takes one day.

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