Stunning bathroom remodeling transformations require this one thing

Done correctly, a bathroom remodeling project gives you years of comfort and enjoyment. It’s not easy. Bathrooms have many moving parts crammed into a small footprint. That’s what makes planning critical to bathroom remodeling success.

Bathroom remodeling starts with dreaming

Showrooms, magazines, design books all fuel your imagination. What overall look do you want? What kind of fixtures? Counter surfaces? Flooring? Dreaming up answers to these questions up front is your first step. It puts you in a position to know what you want before talking to a contractor.

Pictures are nice, but nothing compares with first-hand experience. A fixture might look great in a magazine, but does it respond the way you want in real life? Does a tile look in person the way it does in a carefully edited online image? You’re going to be living with these choices a long time. Invest time now to make sure they’re everything you want.

Pick the right bathroom remodeling partner

An experienced bathroom remodeling contractor listens first, asks questions second and only offers suggestions once he finally understands what you want. If a contractor comes through the door telling you what he thinks, chances are you’ll get HIS dream bathroom.

This is a big step. So, it pays to get multiple bids. But, make sure you’re comparing apples-to-apples. For instance, if one contractor is using pre-fab manufactured cabinets, that bid will be far less than a contractor offering custom-built cabinets the way TriFection does.

Same goes for fixtures, countertops, tiles and paint. Make certain as you compare bids, that every contractor is bidding comparable materials. This is where “you get what you pay for” matters most.

Take your time to get bathroom remodeling right

This is no time for improvisation. Until you lock down every decision, you’re not ready for a bathroom remodeling project. In fact, The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends spending up to six months evaluating and planning before beginning work.

Then once work begins, stick to your plan. Work stoppages and alterations add time and expense to a project. If you do the right planning up front, everything should come together the way you dreamed.

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