How vulnerable are you to a door kick in? The facts are shocking.

Less than inch of wood stands between you and a burglar. In fact, 73% of burglars gain entry to a home by a door kick in. One or two strong kicks to a door will crack the frame allowing burglars entry to your home. Even with an alarm, police response time can be 20 minutes or longer—more than enough time for a burglar to get what they want.

Preventing a door kick in is surprisingly easy

A secure door and door frame is your first line of defense against home invasions by door kick in. Solid steel plates and channels, like those available at The Door Clearance Center, physically reinforce the weakest areas of your exterior doors and door frames.

Combining a the steel plate, longer screws and reinforcement plate on the door make most doors practically kick-proof.

Stop door kick in burglaries before they begin

Making your home more secure against a door kick in is an important step to keep your family safe. Here are a couple of ideas to help keep your home safe while you’re away:

1. Don’t advertise your absence. Don’t post vacation plans on Facebook or post vacation photos while on vacation. Letting the world know that you’re not home is an easy way to become a target.

2. Make your home a less inviting target. Keep shrubs trimmed and install proper lighting (inside and out). This makes your home a less attractive target to most burglars. An alarm monitor yard sign is a surprisingly effective deterrent.

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