This simple furnace maintenance trick will help give yours a longer life


Your furnace may seem to be running smoothly and efficiently. But, it still needs annual furnace maintenance to remain efficient. Even a new furnace loses efficiency after just one year—and more each year that follows. Meanwhile, energy bills creep higher. Absolute Comfort Air shows what proper furnace maintenance includes. See how proper maintenance extends your furnace’s life.

Furnace maintenance saves you money

Annual furnace maintenance checkups includes multiple tests to detect problems with the gas line, flame, airflow, blower motor, vents, and more. You should schedule annual changes of the air filter on your furnace as recommended—it’s the one simple trick to extending the life expectancy of your furnace.

Technicians also check for minor problems that could become expensive problems if not addressed. Changing out parts that are close to failing instead of waiting for a breakdown saves your time and inconvenience later as well. Not only does furnace maintenance mean yours will run more smoothly, it will run more efficiently which can save money off energy bills and head off the expense and inconvenience of emergency service.

Life saving benefits of furnace maintenance

Malfunctioning furnaces can be dangerous. The smallest cracks in your heat exchanger can cause scentless carbon monoxide gas to leak into your home. Carbon Monoxide Asphyxiation is just one risk. A lower level of carbon monoxide leaks can cause on-going health issues–especially for children who spend more time low to the ground where the gas lurks. These leaks can easily be prevented as part of your annual furnace maintenance.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your furnace doesn’t need service because it is running fine or is relatively new. Annual furnace maintenance is vital to your furnace’s health, the safety of your family and the needless waste involved with running an inefficient furnace.


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