See how replacing rotting particle board siding could bring you bigger problems


“When I saw the disrepair on the garage and actually holes in the back end of
the garage,” Jaqueline said. “then I realized we need to do this up right.”

Particleboard siding, it’s one of the many things nobody misses about the 80s.

“So when moisture gets past the veneer that’s on the front of it, it gets
in and it starts to swell, says Kelly Smart of Advanced Home Exteriors. “When it gets this bad, your options are few.”

You can’t find this product any more to make repairs. You can’t sand it. You can’t patch it. You can paint it, but that’s not going to help it.

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

“When we’re done, everything on this house is going to be a
James Hardie product,” Kelly added.

But not all Hardie siding jobs are crafted equally. Jaqueline quickly discovered just that as she looked at Hardie installations around her neighborhood.

“If you go look at ten other houses, you’ll see–it may be Hardie plank or Hardie board–
there’s a big difference,” warned Jaqueline.

Always investigate before you hire a contractor and check references. That’s exactly what Jaqueline did.

“We did a house not too far from this one,” Kelly remarked. “They went over and spoke with those people.”

Jaqueline liked what she saw, “You could see perfection. I mean, just like the planks
were all exactly perfect.”

The right installers give your home more than just curb appeal. Proper installation
of Hardie ensures that it’s going to keep it good looks for years to come.

“It ensures they’re going to get a full warranty on the product, and not have any leaking, or other issues down the road,” Kelly said.

The right siding in the right hands. It’s their experience installing Hardie to exacting standards that makes Advanced Home Exteriors a certified Home Show.

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