How much less appealing to burglars is a home with security lighting?

Daylight is a great disinfectant. But, protects your home at night against theft or vandalism means creating your own daylight. Home security lighting, especially around poorly lit areas, improves the general security of your home.

Which security lighting is right for you?

From motion sensor lights to manually controlled flood lights, act as a deterrent whether you’re home or not. Accent or landscape lighting is not security lighting. While accent lighting may enhance design, security lighting like those installed by Right Touch Electric in the video above, also helps you monitor and protect your home’s perimeter.

Place security lighting where needed

By strategically placing outdoor lights, you can deter intruders. There are three choices in security lighting:

  • All Night Lighting: The most popular choice, this lighting provides constant lighting all night long. It also drives up your utility bills.
  • Motion-Activated Lighting: These lights save energy by lighting up when someone—or something—passes the motion sensor.
  • Hi-Low Combination Lights: The best of both, these lights run low like landscape lights, but go bright triggered by a motion sensor.

Which ever option, or mix of options, you choose, security lighting helps keep you home out of the shadows all night. But, what about your yard?

Landscaping for security

Check your front and back yard. Overgrown shrubbery provides concealment for intruders. Cut it back to eliminate hiding spots. Plus, add strategically placed thorny shrubs to deter trespassers. It’s the perfect addition to your home security lighting system.

One added benefit of security lighting: pests that wander in the night also prefer shadows and will probably avoid your house in favor of one less well lit.

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