Room painting: get tips from a pro

Painting a room gives it new life. Say goodbye to dull, dingy walls. Avoid a bad paint job with these tips from Rudy Escalante of Rudy’s Quality Painting.

Rudy’s room painting tips

Rudy’s simple step-by-step room painting method saves you time, helps you do a better job, and gives your home a fresh new look. First, get your tools: a ladder, brushes, rollers, and a work pail. Before painting cover floors and furniture which gets moved to the middle of the room.

When doing room painting, do your brush work around the corners and your ceiling. After that, work into your baseboards after that dries. And then come in with your roller. You want to roll up and down, from the top to bottom. And you want to start one wall at a time and go all the way around until you end up to the same wall.

Make your room painting project last

Usually people like to repaint their houses every 10 years. Your common areas get dirty faster and quicker and probably need painting more often. The best way to take more time between paintings is to use high-quality, washable paint. It doesn’t repel the dirt. You can just go in there and clean it off. It’ll just wipe right off your walls.

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