Replacing your electrical panel the right way could save your life

The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It distributes electricity throughout the home. But, it’s often overlooked until problems arise.

Signs of electrical panel problems

You probably only visit your electrical panel when a breaker trips. But, flickering lights, plugs that don’t work, outages, or a panel over 20 years old means it’s time you called an electrician. It’s also possible you need more power. The fact is, an electrical panel was not designed to last forever—especially with our increasing demands for electricity.

Older homes weren’t built to accommodate today’s growing appetite for electricity. Increased demand is a common reason for replacing an electrical panel. Fifty years ago the average home had a 100 amp service installed; today most have a 200 amp service.

It pays to be prepared

Even if you are reasonably familiar with circuit breakers and fuses, having all of the information you need can save you from getting an inadequate panel and ending up with a major fire risk. You need to be sure the electrical panel you get matches your demands for power.

Electrical Panel Replacement is not DIY

While you may be handy, replacing an electrical panel calls for a certified electrician. There are simply too many things that can, and often do, go wrong that could put the safety of your home and your family at risk. For instance, if the openings in your electrical panel are not properly sealed, sparks or fire that starts within the panel can easily spread throughout your home.

Could you save a few bucks doing it yourself? Maybe. Could you make a mistake that might burn your house down? Maybe. All in all, the risk just isn’t worth it.

Having a qualified electrician replace a damaged or outdated electrical panel makes your home safer and ready for sale when the time comes to move.

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