Remodeling: new home from an old one

Get ready for remodeling envy. David bought an old 1970’s era town home with a goal: transform the tired old floor plan into a state-of-the-art home. Plumbing, electrical, even walls had to be changed. Watch as his vision becomes real with the help of the remodeling team at TriFection.

Remodeling that almost became rebuilding

David’s condo was stripped to the bare walls. In fact, some had to be removed to open the kitchen as you’ll see in the video. Recessed lighting, state of the art appliances, large walk-in showers up-stairs, this remodeling project had it all. Plus one more thing.

Updating bedrooms uncovered remodeling challenges

While working on upstairs bedrooms, it turned out that the ceiling needed additional reinforcement. TriFection had to effectively rebuild that portion of the structure, providing a stronger, more reliable framework for the entire home. The finished project is nothing short of amazing.

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