Replace an old shower head

Tired of your old skanky shower head? It’s time to upgrade! When they get old, shower heads drip, spray unevenly, even stop working all together. That’s why John Cantu from Abacus Plumbing comes to us with a fast an easy QuickTip; just replace your shower head!

Thank you.

So what are the steps involved in changing out the showerhead?

First thing, of course, you get access to the showerhead. We have to remove it. We’ll use a crescent wrench to remove the old showerhead.

So, pull this off. And now you just take the scussion off?

Take that old scussion out, yes. Gently, no problem.

Got to show it who’s boss.

And since we’ve got the showerhead off, let’s go ahead and put a new one on there. Cosmetics, makes it look much better. Then the next step we normally do is to get some Teflon tape. It’s a threading sealant. So we’ll put some Teflon around that for the sealant. Then you go wrap around a couple times.

Like that?

Perfect, perfect. Then we’ll get the new showerhead and we’ll screw it back on.

Now what I always learned is, I learned it from my kid, lefty loosey, righty tighty. So you just turn it to the right.

And after we screw it back on, we turn on the water, make sure there’s no leaks on that end.

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