Patch a hole with shingles


Your roof protects your home, but shouldn’t it look nice too? When shingles become damaged, repair the hole fast. Your roof will protect and look better when you do. Jim Hardwick from Ideal Roofing introduces a QuickTip that will have your roof in tip top shape!

Today, we’re going to fix a hole in the roof. And to get help with that, we brought Jim, from Ideal Roofing, in. Hey, Jim.

Hi, Charlie.

Jim, what are the steps involved in fixing a hole in my roof?

Well, step one, we’re going to loosen the shingle. That has the whole in it, and the shingles around it. Just when you get high, you want to be gentle. You don’t want to tear up those field shingles.

Step two is, we’re going to remove those nails that’s holding that shingle down. And you can start pulling until you find those nails. That’s fine. And that’s the part of you want to start getting gentle, because you don’t want to rip this one.

These are all damaged. But sometimes you have to remove some just to get the shingle out.

Step three, we’re going to replace it with a new one. You’re going to slide one, way up. Not too high. You’re going to bring it down right here, where it was. And step four, nail it. And seal it. That’s it.

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