Repair a drywall hole

You’ve been meaning to fix that doorstop spring.  Now it’s too late.  You opened the door too fast, and there’s a big gaping hole in the drywall. What now?
Fixing that hole is faster and easier than you think.  All it takes is a few tools and some helpful tips from Rudy Escalante at Rudy’s Quality Painting.

We’re going to measure out the hole, follow the lines, and cut the paper of the drywall. Now this is going to help you guide when you use a saw. Cut it out in a perfect square. When you have a stud, you want to use it as support.

Screw this board through the sheet rock so it can support and hold up the new piece of sheet rock we’re going to install. Now try screwing the new piece of sheet rock into our new support and the old support. Keep it in place for our floating tape.

This is a mesh drywall tape that has an adhesive. And it helps you hold it in place when you add the mud to it. Now we’re going to use joint compound to float out the taping that Charlie did.

OK. So I cover all of my tape up?

Yes, Sir. Let that dry, possibly overnight. Do a second coat of mud. And then we texture and paint it.

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