How to polish your wood cabinets

Do your wood cabinets look dull and dirty? Giving them back their life and luster is easy and inexpensive. Use Tom’s proven method to restore your wood cabinets with ease. Linseed oil, mineral spirits, and a little elbow grease it all it takes to refinish your wood cabinets and make them shiny and new. Watch and learn the proper techniques for restoring your cabinets.

We’re going to need some steel wool, some mineral spirits, linseed oil, and a couple rags. With the first step, we’re going to use two parts of mineral spirits and one part linseed oil. You’re going to use the still wool to clean it with.

Go ahead and dip it into your solution and then you can start scrubbing your door. You want to go with the grains. You’re doing a good job.

You just want to keep with the grain and use a little bit of pressure so you get all the grime and grease and dirt off Now you want to use your rags to wipe off the excess and polish it off. And we’re done. You did a good job, Charlie.

Get Tom’s method for cleaning/refinishing cabinets

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