Is PEX piping your long-lasting solution?

Old pipes in your house that have been around for years can cause serious problems for your home. Faucets losing water pressure is just one indication that your pipes, over the years, are becoming blocked or collapsing on the inside.

The PEX pipe solution

Sometimes new pipe is the best solution. PEX piping offers the best performance without the installation damage of other piping systems.

PEX is a flexible, plastic water supply piping system that has a memory. The advantages of PEX versus copper installs, it’s definitely less expensive. A quicker install. Less damage to the home. And it’ll expand up to four times it size if it were to freeze, without rupture.

One more PEX Piping advantage is that you can leave the old pipes in place; no need to cut numerous holes for pipe removal.

Because PEX Piping is flexible, you won’t need 90 degree elbows every time there is a turn. Less fittings mean less leaks.

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