Keep comfy with a Nest thermostat


Your thermostat accounts for about three-quarters of your home’s energy expense. The technology of a standard thermostat hasn’t changed much since they were introduced back in 1953. Programmable ones, on the other hand, are so complicated most are run in “hold” or “manual” modes. That’s why Nest Learning Thermostats were created; they learn how the HVAC is used in your home and program themselves.

Nest thermostats are a welcome change

Thermostats have changed very little over the past 100 years. In fact, the old mercury switches like your grandparents might have had have given way to electronic thermostats with a battery backup. Modern thermostats are either manual ones, or two to five day one, or the programmable thermostat. More than 50% of the people with programmable thermostats, as it turns out, have them in a permanent hold state. In other words, they’re using it like a manual one.

Nest thermostats, on the other hand, are self-teaching. A Nest thermostat monitors activity and learns how you use heating and cooling. Once it’s completed its learning cycle, a Nest thermostat will automatically provide the comfort levels you prefer. And, allow you to adjust them remotely via a smart phone or website.

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